We have set up a testimonial page for Saeed. We would highly appreciate it if his friends, colleagues and whoever got to know him personally, write something, a short memory or anything to explain Saeed’s personality to those who don’t know him.

A close friend from University of Victoria:

I have known Fatemeh and Saeed for several years now. I have never met a more loving and kind couple. There is absolutely no truth in any allegations against Saeed. Saeed is a very gentle and honest person.He needs our voice and support to be set free. He has been wrongly incarcerated. Please speak out, and help bring this wonderful person home.

Our thoughts and support are constantly with Fatemeh and Saeed!



A long-time friend from Sharif University:

Saeed and Fatima are both very close friends of mine. Everything I remember about Saeed involves fun memories, and his positive personality. He would never get involved in porn business, and I find his accusations totally absurd.

I never heard a swear word from Saeed’s mouth. He never made raunchy jokes, although he had a great sense of humor and always made us laugh.

He was a very normal person who was living a very normal life. He wasn’t even a social/political activist material; he only enjoyed life with his wife and friends and loved camping, fishing and skiing.

Watching such an innocent person’s life being taken away from him for the sake of pure financial and political greed of the Islamic Republic authorities makes me feel sick to my stomach. And yet, there is nothing I can do to help my friend out…

I join the others in crying out: This is unfair, this is unjust, this is inhumane!

Please help set Saeed free and bring him home to his wife.


Fatemeh Eftekhari:

He is my inspiration. Whoever met him loved him, and whoever got to know him remained his friend.


James L Rogers:

Saeed is a remarkably intelligent and gentle peace loving man who does not deserve such barbaric treatment. Having known him during the time he lived here in Victoria I can tell any who care to listen that both he and his wife are precisely the kind of new citizens we seek as a nation. Our government needs to do whatever is necessary to ensure that Saeed returns ‘home’ to continue building a new life for himself away from a repressive regime that seems to give no value to human life and perpetuates unholy acts of violence against persons in the name of their Higher Power.


Cara Rogers:

This is an absolute atroscity! That is so far beyond low. My heartfelt prayers and wishes go out not only to Saeed, but to his wife Fatemeh and his family and friends. There is no way that Saeed is guilty of anything but being a good, upstanding citizen of not only Iran, but of Canada as well. This current situation just goes to show how low the Iranian government and judicial system have fallen. Saeed Malekpour is no more guilty of the charges being brought against him than God is for creating this world and universe. Saeed should be found INNOCENT OF ALL CHARGES and also should be deemed completely free to go and have repirations made to himself and his wife and family. Free Saeed!!! As someone who knows Saeed and Fatemeh personally, I know without a shadow of a doubt that he has done nothing wrong and that this is all some very terrible and elaborate mistake. I have never heard that it is a crime punishable by the death penalty and/or time/life in prison, prisons mind you that are corrupt and which put absolutely no value what-so-ever on human life and freedoms. I have never heard it was a crime to be an honest, upstanding person and citizen who wishes to better themselves and to help to better society by becoming highly educated, no matter the cost and effort. Nor have I ever heard that it was a crime to visit your terminally ill father in your home country. This whole situation has been handled very poorly, and while Saeed sits rotting in a hellish prison with little or no contact with even his wife and family, the people who are actually responsible for these heinous crimes are out and about, free to go about their daily lives. The true perpetrators need to be found and brought to justice. Again, my deepest heartfelt wishes and prayers go out to Saeed and Fatemeh, as well as to all of his family and friends during what has to be the most difficult and trying time in all of their lives. Saeed needs to found innocent of all charges and they need to FREE SAEED!!!!
Thank You and Sincerest Wishes


Brock university professor:

I am writing to bring to your attention a dreadful injustice that is about to happen, and that only you can stop.  I am deeply concerned for the fate of Saeed Malekpour – a permanent resident of Canada.  He was detained by the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) in October 2008 and in a December 2010 verdict unjustly sentenced to death.   I know him personally, and I believe a grave judicial error has been committed.   If not corrected, an innocent person will be killed and the international reputation of the Islamic Rebublic will be unnecessarily tarnished.  I urge you to interfere immediately and to correct this error of an overeager prosecutor, who was confused by the technical details of the case.  Please, send Saeed back home to his wife!

Saeed is the author of a computer program that was used by someone else without his knowledge.  The program itself is just a tool, and has many uses.  The prosecutor was not able to find the person who used the tool on an adult website.  Saeed was never employed by this website, he did not create the tool for this purpose, and did not approve of its use in this way.   Others were insulting the sanctity of Islam, yet it was Saeed who was dealt with harshly, forced to make a false “confession” and now sentenced to death.  A strong and proud nation cannot allow such injustice.  The Islamic Republic of Iran must not belittle itself by carrying out Saeed’s death sentence.  If it does, the reputation of the Islamic Republic will suffer a great deal; this will be a true insult to Islam.  You must not allow this to happen.

Already Canadian government and the United Nations are calling on Iran to correct this error.   The sentence was handed down after a “highly questionable process”, in the opinion of the Canadian government.   The Islamic Republic is  a member of the United Nations, yet it is seen to violate the standards set forth by Articles 10, 11, and 12 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Article 10 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.  The Islamic Republic of Iran is also violating the norms of the “Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners” as detailed by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.  This is not right.  This is not just.

I appeal to you personally to intervene.   If something is not done very soon, it might be too late to do it!

Thank you for reading my letter.  I am looking forward to hearing from you, and to welcoming Saeed Malekpour back home to Canada.

Yours Sincerely,


Saeed’s Friend from Evin Prison:

I have been friends with Saeed since we became inmates. The sentence issued for Saeed is absolutely ridiculous and his trial was just a farce. One may realize this fact by knowing his judge (Mohammad Moghaisseh). This judge is so ignorant of computer facts that his remark towards another detainee of ward 350, named Amir-Hossein Tavakoli had become a joke among other inmates. After hearing Tavakoli’s vindication, in order to catch him off guard, judge Moghaisseh told him “assuming everything you just said is true, how do you justify the fact that we found a  weblog in your house?” This is the level of the computer literacy of Saeed’s judge. For this reason Saeed asked for the intervention of a computer expert at his trial to comment on his accusations. If this request had been granted and the revolutionary guard had not interfered, Saeed would have certainly been acquitted. Even if we assume that Saeed was the administrator of a porn website, he would not have made such a big gaffe by leaving his signature under his hypothetical website and then going back to Iran.

The fact is that, since the revolutionary guard received a fund equivalent to 50 million US dollars in order to chase down and arrest the administrators and operators of porn websites (hence, their so-called “Mozzelin” project), they had to introduce someone (a victim in this case) as the operator of one of the most renowned Farsi porn websites to redeem themselves. It is still not clear who the actual administrator is; who knows if it wasn’t a setup in the first place? The process through which these confessions were made is a traumatic story and Saeed had explained that very clearly (in his letter).

It is very painful for me to learn about Saeed’s sentence because I know him very well despite the false image that the Islamic Republic Media have portrayed of him (unfortunately I was under the same influence before I met him in jail). I hereby testify that Saeed Malekpour is one of the best, happiest, most energetic, compassionate and innocent people I have ever met in my life. I always remember Saeed’s face with a smile, ready to help the others around him. I cannot imagine such an innocent and sincere person, god forbid… [may have committed such a crime]

I wrote these few lines because I felt a big responsibility [for Saeed]. Had I not known Saeed personally I would have been among those brain washed by the revolutionary guard’s allegations and would have [agreed to] sentence a human to death (as if they want to play God). But today I woke up [to this news], and my heart breaks. How could those people be such tyrants?

But friends, don’t give up hope. There is a saying (in Farsi) that goes: “An innocent head could be taken to the gallows but would never end up hanging”.

Let’s hope for his release.

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