Petition Forms

Please find below a copy of the Petition to the House of Commons (Ottawa) regarding Saeed Malekpour.
It would be helpful if you could print this petition, sign it and ask a number your relatives and friends also sign it and then send it to the office of your local MP (federal member of parliament) and ask him/her to read this petition at the House of Commons. Also, please forward this petition to your contacts.  We hope that these efforts will save Saeed’s life.
The more MPs we have on the petition, the louder our voices are and the more power we have to convince Minister of Foreign Affairs to appeal to the Iranian government.

Saeed Petition to the House of Commons


81 comments on “Petition Forms

  1. Do not give the Islamic Republic any concessions? They should be held accountable for their crimes against humanity. All political prisoners should be released immediately!

  2. I hate to think that Canada did not have the power to free one of its own citizen’s from the unjustified ruling of a nation who does not give people a fair trial! I SHUDDER to think that if this happened to me, Canada would not come to my aid…please, stand up for what’s right, Canada, and set an example for the world’s nation’s to follow!

  3. I am Canadian and absolutely LIVID with the sentence passed on my fellow Canadian. Please, we must help him. What can be done? Thank you!

  4. It is a pity that such evil is perpetrated in the name of God. There is no peace and love left. Free this man Saeed in the name of decency

  5. No human being should be sentenced without PROPER REPRESENTATION. what kind of Mickey Mouse country is Iran??? It is only digging a hole for itself, proving their ignorance. By doing this, they are proving to the world how much disrespect they have for human rights. I can’t wait until the younger generation takes over and change things for the better (hopefully for them an the world). Good luck with the petition.

  6. I’m outraged that my government is not doing more. I expect someone in parliament to put other things on hold and stand up and do something about this! As good Canadians we need to address it and take care of this with Iran through the UN. His wife is a citizen of this country. This is simply a matter of right and wrong, not politics and we should protect our own at ALL costs!

  7. Free Saeed!
    More proof of a need for Religious Revolution. In the name of God I Judge and Punish? YOU’RE WRONG! YOU’RE IGNORANT, AND OVER STEPPING YOUR BOUNDARIES AS A FELLOW HUMAN. IRAN YOU HAVE NO RIGHT!
    When people interfere with other peoples freedoms we get further from the purpose of life. We get further from the truth when we follow dated myths about our supposed purpose here. All Religion was solely created to oppress our individual thoughts. The expansion of our minds and being free of fear and judgement will get us to Mars and beyond. Anything less will ultimately end in the destruction of our Earth. Wake up!
    We should know that our God isn’t looking for a fight. If he or she truly does exist, they’d be looking for a brave, smart, strong, open mindedness that this world hasn’t seen in a long long time. Live without fear and aggression. We’re all here together. LOVE

  8. PS
    any persons with a divine character worth following, will most likely not arise in any current Government or Religious body.

  9. Free Saeed. This flagrant miscarriage of justice must not be tolerated by any nation. This is unfair and unjust and if Iran can’t defend the human rights of one of our own then we should.

  10. When you enter a country, you are under their rules, and at their mercy.
    Why do people expect their home country to help them when they get arrested in a different country? That’s not how things work.

  11. I have not read his blogs but I am sure he has practiced his right to freedom of expresion. So please free him. If he is wrong, time will show him. Then he can ask forgivness from the higher being!

    God bless you.

    Thank you!

  12. Free Saeed Malekpour… it is really disappointing that the Canadian government is not doing much for his freedom.

  13. The very idea that this could happen without the full weight of the whole world’s outrage goes against everything good in this world. This can’t be allowed to happen! Please show Saeed the grace that you will, one day, beg to have for yourself. Be an example of mercy so that you will deserve mercy, please.

  14. its time to stop this barbaric act. I am appealing to the Canadian government, United Nations and Amnesty to do something. Please

  15. please let him go, he is not guilty at all. world is watching you. please save Saeed’s life somehow. it is not Islam, it is not based on what God wants. don’t torture him and his family more than this. just think of God’s revenge to all these brutalities. if even he was a killer that can be enough punishment.

  16. Free Saeed! OUR government needs to stand up and defend the rights of our people! If Iran is not going to observe Human Rights and play politics with people’s lives, then WE need to act. Our government (Canada) is obligated and needs to stand up and speak for the powerless, for the weak, for Human Rights and against injustice.

    Justice, like freedom and democracy, is not easy! We can’t just preach Human Rights and justice, but when it’s hard (times like this), when we have to stand and act, to take the easy route and walk away.

    To the Iranian government, for these acts and many others: injustice is un-Islamic!

  17. “No to Torture and Execution in Iran!”
    “No to Stoning in Iran!”
    “Free Political Prisoners in Iran!”
    UN: Put the Islamic Republic Criminals on Trial!” (or similar)
    “Islamic Republic OUT! of the UN Commission on the Status of Women!”
    “Islamic Republic OUT! of ILO!”
    – Closure of embassies, e.g.,
    — “No Place in My Country for Regime of 100000 executions – Close the Islamic Republic’s Embassy!”
    — “No Place in My Country for Regime of Stoning – Close the Islamic Republic’s Embassy!”
    — “No Place in My Country for Regime of Rape – Close the Islamic Republic’s Embassy!”
    — “No Place in My Country for Regime of Torture – Close the Islamic Republic’s Embassy!”

    – Stop legitimizing the regime, e.g.,
    — OBAMA! Stop Extending Your Hand to Mass Murderers!” ( People can make the same message relevant to their own country’s situation.)

  18. what;s wromg with government of Iran. How about the president Iran become as Saeed and how would people of Iran feel. Canada government should step up and show the world we all human. Fight for Saeed……let hin =m go free please.

  19. Any online petition? the idea of printing, getting family and friends to sign, and sending to your mp is great as it will go right to them. However it’s a lot of work to round up the signatures. Any online equivalent which we can send links to our family and friends? Please let me know, in the meantime we’ll see if i can get a printing of this petition.
    David N. Hynes

  20. the world should take action this is one innocent man being killed by the most dangerous regims and govenrments,everyone should take action to save saeed malekpour

  21. چرا این اسلامیهای افراطی دست از سر ملت برنمی دارن.
    این قاتل ها خودشون دارن با افتخار توی ایران زندگی می کنن در حالی که خون مردم می مکند.
    مرگ بر خامنه ای
    نابود باد دین وحشی گری
    Death to Islam
    Death to khamenei
    Some day these blood suckers will be brought to justice.

  22. Please free Saeed, I cannot believe any man or country with a conscience could do this, but Iran has and will continue to do this because some ugly people have lost their humanity and minds and taken control of Iran. Irans’ cruel regime must be stopped from killing Saeed, an innocent, wonderful man.

  23. The cancer of ignorance has now turned to the brightest minds of the country that do not even pose a political threat, just to secure its long term existence.

    Canada must act to free this Canadian entrepreneur!

    “They came first for the Communists,
    and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Communist.

    Then they came for the trade unionists,
    and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews,
    and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew.

    Then they came for me
    and by that time no one was left to speak up.”

  24. I urge our government to take assertive action to prevent this unlawful, by any moral and ethical standards, unjustified confinement, torture, and death sentence to an innocent person. Its a pattern that has to be stopped

  25. Alle Staaten müssen Freiheit akzeptieren und auch die freien Berichterstattung der Journalisten und weblogger respektieren. Saeed Malepour ist kein Verbrecher. Ich rufe die ganze Welt auf, um die Freiheit für alle, die wegen Meinungsfreiheit gefangen genommen wurden zu unterstützen.

  26. Free this gentleman. He belongs to this country as I do. His family needs him. This from the good people of the Far North. I am frustrated that this is happening to him, he is innocent. This doesn’t make sense at all. Iran let him go.

  27. We hope and pray that the Canadian government will use its power to help free Saeed!
    We hope that his right for fair trial and due process is respected!

    Please free Saeed!

  28. Please free this innocent Canadian resident. He did not commit any crime in our country and should not be tried for what were perfectly legal activities here.

  29. Saeed is a remarkably intelligent and gentle peace loving man who does not deserve such barbaric treatment. Having known him during the time he lived here in Victoria I can tell any who care to listen that both he and his wife are precisely the kind of new citizens we seek as a nation. Our government needs to do whatever is necessary to ensure that Saeed returns ‘home’ to continue building a new life for himself away from a repressive regime that seems to give no value to human life and perpetuates unholy acts of violence against persons in the name of their Higher Power.

  30. Saeed is not alone and Iranians around the globe can surely understand the purity of his life through his wife`s speech. There is no way that this person committed any crime of such a kind and truly doesn’t deserve this barbaric reaction from the Iranian government.

    Human right campaigns are only a name if they don’t take any serious step to release him as soon as possible.

    I don’t know how other countries rather than UK and Canada reflected their opinion about the miserable status of Persian prisoners but am more than happy to advocate his case in Australia.Of course my only hope is to get his ultimate court session a heavier load of global awareness wishing to make a change.

    We , Iranian , don’t want this barbaric and brutal reactions in the history of our nation. And now is the time that we apparently cant stop it with the world`s support.

  31. As many others have indicated here and in other places, Saeed is not alone in this ordeal. Canadians have been forefront in bringing justice in the world. Thus, we expect and hope that the Canadian authorities can apply enough pressure to the Iranian government so Saeed’s life is spared!

  32. Stop executing Saeed Malekpour and other innocent Iranians.He is really innocent, what`s in your head? Why are you killing innocent people? In which God do you have faith?
    Stop it please stop it, you are wilder than any wild animal!

  33. No more execution in Iran.release all Iranians political prisoners.Give Iranian freedom of press and freedom of religion.

  34. Canada has shown its humanity and Canadian have backed the free movement of Iran. I urge Canada to continue pressuring Iran to free Saeed Malekpour as well as all the innocent men and women jailed in those horrific cells in Iran. May this nightmare and tyranny of the mullahs come to a speedy end.

  35. Release Saeed from jail!
    What the f**** is this?
    Death jus’ for a porno website?
    A death for A WEBSITE? :O
    Release him!

  36. this is a disgusting and dispicable thing. I will not get onto the subject of how rediculous religion is, even though this is the sole reason this man is being persecuted!

    Let this man go you evil bastards!

  37. i am a canadian citizen and I am asking for assistance for another canadian! I am asking that Canada make a stand and intervene on behalf of Saeed Malekpour!! Do not let this injustice go forward!! we must make a stand now! If not us…then who? Please don’t let this happen!

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