One comment on “Evin’s Ward 350 Faces Drug Smuggling Issue, Political Prisoners Denied Books

  1. This is an absolute atroscity! That is so far beyond low. My heartfelt prayers and wishes go out not only to Saeed, but to his wife Fatemeh and his family and friends. There is no way that Saeed is guilty of anything but being a good, upstanding citizen of not only Iran, but of Canada as well. This current situation just goes to show how low the Iranian government and judicial system have fallen. Saeed Malekpour is no more guilty of the charges being brought against him than God is for creating this world and universe. Saeed should be found INNOCENT OF ALL CHARGES and also should be deemed completely free to go and have repirations made to himself and his wife and family. Free Saeed!!! As someone who knows Saeed and Fatemeh personally, I know without a shadow of a doubt that he has done nothing wrong and that this is all some very terrible and elaborate mistake. I have never heard that it is a crime punishable by the death penalty and/or time/life in prison, prisons mind you that are corrupt and which put absolutely no value what-so-ever on human life and freedoms. I have never heard it was a crime to be an honest, upstanding person and citizen who wishes to better themselves and to help to better society by becoming highly educated, no matter the cost and effort. Nor have I ever heard that it was a crime to visit your terminally ill father in your home country. This whole situation has been handled very poorly, and while Saeed sits rotting in a hellish prison with little or no contact with even his wife and family, the people who are actually responsible for these heinous crimes are out and about, free to go about their daily lives. The true perpetrators need to be found and brought to justice. Again, my deepest heartfelt wishes and prayers go out to Saeed and Fatemeh, as well as to all of his family and friends during what has to be the most difficult and trying time in all of their lives. Saeed needs to found innocent of all charges and they need to FREE SAEED!!!!
    Thank You and Sincerest Wishes,
    Cara Rogers-(daughter of Jim Rogers and Rita Wittman)

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